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Focused Mindfulness

I didn’t really know what to expect when I started my Focussed Mindfulness session. I was highly anxious and stressed, especially in social situations as well as impacting upon being able to sleep at night.  I was also experiencing extreme emotions, I either felt extremely happy or extremely sad and the constant up and down rollercoaster was making me feel ‘not safe’.  I had been living like this for at least 2 years!  My Dad booked me into a course to help me because he wanted me to feel happier.

The sessions have helped me to be clearer, more positive and I’m finding that decision making is easier.  I have more acceptance about how I am feeling too.  I specifically enjoyed the Campfire Process, where I got the opportunity to visualise and speak to my Mum, who died when I was 9 years old.  I have come away from these sessions feeling more positive and with a greater understanding of myself.  I would highly recommend Elena, she is easy to talk to.  She has related to and understood me.

Teenager, 16 year-old-female


I am a believer!! Thanks to Elena. Focussed Mindfulness is what I'm talking about. I have suffered with COPD for over 14 years and after a few sessions with Elena I am cured! My GP apparently mis-diagnosed me (yeah right). If you are a sceptic I urge you to try it. Elena Rocks !

Printing Shop Owner, 50 year-old-female


Thanks to the awesome Elena you can hide nothing from this lady. Unbelievably good at being there for you, listening and removing blocks.

SEO Consultant Owner, 44-year-old male


When I first heard Elena talking about Reiki healing I was sceptical.  I didn't think it would work because I had tried it in the past and I didn't feel anything or get any benefits from it.  I decided to bite the bullet and have another go. I felt relaxed and floaty. My stresses, worries and problems just disappeared. I am NOW converted!

Taking time out of my day for Reiki flipped off a switch, the constant mind chatter was gone. I loved not having to do anything and being in the moment just for ME.  My mind was still calm 8 hours later! Being in tune with energy was fascinating. I didn't have any immediate health concerns before the treatment. Elena saw that my intestines were jumbled up and focussed the healing more on that area, it felt warm and soothing. I only remembered afterwards that I had had a dodgy tummy for about 5 days before the treatment.

I really enjoyed the pleasant tingling around my head and the comforting warmness around my torso. It was interesting to be in tune with energy, I didn't realise how blocked I was! We are all so focussed on our business, when I brought it back to me I realised how important that was. We are all unique and honouring who we are is the key.  I would definitely recommend Reiki to others. Give it a go with an open mind. It is always good to challenge your beliefs. Feeling bogged down? What have you got to lose.  I came out feeling relaxed, calm and with so much clarity. Even my cat, Floyd chilled out too.

Public Relations, 48 year-old-female


When I first heard Elena talking about Reiki Healing I didn’t understand it. Elena talked me through every step and during the session she also explained what was happening. I felt totally relaxed and supported.  In the session I felt calm and was in a better frame of mind to deal with a challenging email.  I really enjoyed the tingling feeling at the back of my knee and my head being gently moved side to side.  I liked the way that Elena picked up on my twisted knee because I hadn’t told her about my knee injury!  Taking time out of my day for Reiki, I felt like my energy levels had been fixed and I am now more aware of nurturing myself and responding to my body’s needs. I felt so relaxed!   I would definitely recommend Reiki Healing to others.  Sometimes people are skeptical, you need to give Reiki a go!  I came out feeling relaxed, calm and more aware of my body’s needs.

Thank you, Elena.

Recruitment Consultant- 42-year-old female

Colour Therapy

When I first heard Elena talking about Colour Therapy, I thought it was just for women.  That looking at what colours I should wear was a bit frippery, wishy washy, and not manly at all.  I found it challenged some of my ideas of dressing and about how I looked.   Going through the process, I found that my preconceptions of colour and the way others dress, made me more aware of how I looked and what first impressions I made.  It made me realize that my choice of colour and how I dress can bring out aspects of my personality and what makes me unique. This alone will make me remembered! Knowing this, I am more likely to change up my wardrobe. And it was nice to have an hour specifically devoted to ME.  I would highly recommend Elena. She is engaging, friendly, encouraging, supportive and was prepared to listen to me.  Elena’s Colour Analysis was fun! It was good to look at a completely different aspect of my business and professional life. I got some useful hints and tips on how to enhance my first impressions. It also made me think about the way I presented myself and how I thought about myself in the wider sense. I now know how to dress sharp and look like the strong man that I am.

Financial Adviser, 55 year-old-male


I can honestly say I had the best shopping day today!! I've been shopping with my eyes closed for years and today I learnt lots and actually opened my eyes.

My dress size is the national average size and like anyone else I like to cover up and hide bits I'm not fond of. I've always gone for the safe colours, black, navy, dark dusky colours as I thought they slimmed me down. I also thought I suited these colours. Today Elena opened my eyes and I tried lots of amazing colours next to my skin!! I was surprised. I didn't look fat, I didn't look wrong. I looked the opposite! I looked bright and energetic and the colours really lifted my personality and aura. At first, I was sceptical and believed 'it doesn't matter how hard you try pink isn't me!' Well after today I was actually trying on the pinks and blues as recommended and I am delighted with the result. I never thought these colours were for me but..... They most certainly are!!!

If anyone is considering Elena, I'd definitely choose her!  She really saw what colours I needed and really encouraged me to try something new! I now won't blend into a black background but I will shine!!! Thanks, Elena!!!!

Care Worker, 26-year-old female


I knew I had lots of clothes that I didn't like or didn't wear, now I understand why! The colour therapy was a real eye-opener and the wardrobe weed a pleasure, it seems I just kept things for the sake of keeping them.  Elena's approach was as a friend, not you must do this or that, she always wanted to know if I was OK with things, and when I wasn't allowed to keep it! The day was really exciting and enjoyable, quite shocking, but in a good way and now I'm armed with the colour swatch I know what to look for. Look out shops, here I come!

Accountant- 56 year-old-female


Before the session, I was very careful about buying colours and stuck to black, cream and grey.  I was getting fed up of wearing the same old colours.  I had heard about colour analysis and was interested in putting colour into my wardrobe but didn't know where to start.  Now I am quite excited about trying different colours and putting colours together.  The experience was lovely and the service was great. Thank you, Elena.

Retired, 57 year-old-female


No more wasting money on clothes and colours that look bad on me. I've had this done and it works. I know exactly what colours suit me. I also know exactly what colours not to buy. Thank You, Elena.

Mechanic, 48 year-old-male


I didn't know what to expect after booking my colour therapy session with Elena.  I went along with an open mind and plenty of enthusiasm.  Elena started the session with personality and clothes profiling which blew me away! She 'identified' my style brilliantly which helped tome to understand why I wear some of my clothes and not others.  That's going to save me MONEY on bad shopping decisions in the future. Thanks, Elena. I like to wear lots of colour and was thinking the session might affirm some of my choices, but instead, the session turned my head towards a series of colours I love but had rarely thought to buy. It really was so fascinating because I do recall on the few occasions previously that when I have worn the colours Elena found to be 'my colours', I had received compliments from friends and random strangers alike!  There's clearly something in this technique.  I woke up really excited the next day, rummaging through my wardrobe comparing my clothes with the colour swatch Maria gave me.  To be honest, it was a revelation and I'm looking at clothes in the shops with a more discerning eye and not just buying the brightest colours because they attract me! I loved the session and of course, spending time with Elena is always a warm experience.  Thank you so much Elena, my buying (and sewing) choices are going to look different from now on.

Property Consultant- 44-year-old-female

How has your life changed since the session? 

It helps me to present myself the best way that I can and that helps me to maintain confidence.  I have used it yes, both in terms of seeking styles and colours that I now realise are right for me.

I am in the process of replacing my wardrobe with more suitable clothes.  I'm buying and making clothes that I think should suit me based on the session I had.

Property Consultant, Follow up Testimonial- 1 year later 


Elena did my colours. Great help as I’ve always had issues with colour co-coordinating! But now I’m much more aware of the colours that suit me and feel much more confident in being more daring with colours. You do sometimes get into the habit of buying black and white as it’s easy, but the colour really brings out the colour in someone’s skin and mood. Definitely contact Elena for advice!

Arbonne Consultant- 26 year-old-female


I have quite an array of colours and thought that I was reasonably happy with the colours that I wore, after meeting Maria Elena and having the colour analysis carried out I am now able to understand how colour can change the way you look and feel. I really like pinks, purples, some shades of salmon, I have learnt how to match different colours together and have since purchased brown and grey shirts with different accents to suit clothes that I already own.  Thank you.

Computer Shop Owner- 48-year-old male


At first, I didn’t really know what to expect, my Mum had booked the session for my sister, my brother and I as a treat. I wanted to feel more confident in the colours that suited me.  By the end of the session, I achieved that confidence!  I particularly enjoyed seeing the massive difference that colours can make to how your eyes and face look. The warm colours took all the colour away and made me look pale and I discovered that my face looked more glowy in cool colours.  This is going to be invaluable because I have learnt which colours to wear for interviews!

I also discovered that different colours can change the way you feel and change your mood, how fascinating! Afterwards, I looked through my wardrobe and tried on some clothes to compare the colours I had with the ones which suited my face.

Teenager- 15 year-old-female


At first, I didn’t really know what to expect, my Mum had booked the session for me and my brother and sister as a treat. As the session unfolded, it confirmed to me that the colours that I  thought suited me, actually did! It also opened my eyes to new colours that suit me that I have very little of in my wardrobe.  I particularly enjoyed seeing the massive difference that colours made to my face, as well as my brother’s and sister’s faces. I now know what specific shades of colours to wear to make my face look brighter, how colour affects your mood and more knowledge about psychology and the meaning behind different colours.  I would recommend Elena because she led me through the journey of colours and showed me what to look for so that I could see the change in my face.  I also have a swatch of colours to remember which colours suit ME!

Thank you, Elena.

Teenager- 13-year-old female


I had my Colour Therapy session booked as a present from my husband, who had heard Elena talking about Colour Therapy. I never met Elena before and I didn’t know what to expect because I didn’t know what the benefits of having my colours analysed were.  Going through the process, I discovered that colours can have a real impact on how your face looks! Colour can drag your face down in the wrong direction.  I especially enjoyed getting a colour facelift without any invasive treatment whatsoever, just placing the right colours around my facelifted my face and facial features INSTANTLY!  I will now FEEL and LOOK BETTER in my clothes, be able to make easier decisions around buying and wearing clothes and know what colours compliment my face.  I would highly recommend Elena when having a colour therapy session because you don’t know what you don’t know until you have a go!

Elena explained my Colour Therapy well, talking through any aspects I was unsure about so that I understood.  Thank you, Elena.

IT Consultant- 38-year-old female


At first, I felt nervous and a bit embarrassed to be spending money on finding out what colours made me look better.  Elena was gently intuitive, nurturing, patient and caring, explaining each step through the colours and how to match different colours together.

Discovering my rainbow of colours gave me food for thought and opened my eyes to a palette of darker colours that I hadn’t expected would suit me! I particularly enjoyed the sense I experienced ‘being taken seriously’ when I was wearing darker colours.

Despite initially feeling the risk of being embarrassed in front of my three friends, it was worth the experience. Instead of colluding, when I didn’t fully understand or see any difference, Elena was honest and by the end of the session I was percolating into ‘my colours’. I felt more confident!

I would recommend Elena because she is a gentle intuitive who will guide, nurture and support you along your journey through colour. I have learnt that creatively experimenting with colour through clothes is a new avenue for me to explore.

Thank you, Elena.

Therapist, 65 year old female


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