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I love you. How do those three simple words sit with you? What sensation is felt in your body when you hear those words? Does it fill you with happiness or make you want to run for the hills? Does it make your heart beat faster or do you start thinking, what does this person want from me? Or does it remind you of all of the times when you’ve heard those words and believed them, only to feel disappointed by their words or actions in the next breath?  Maybe it just makes you feel giddy?  They might be three very simple words to say but LOVE is the most powerful word of all. Some have an abundance of love within themselves, they see who they are, they sense other’s feelings, they are also able to share that love with others.  Those people are like a beacon of light.  They…

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For over 5 years, I have provided various talks and workshops across the Yorkshire region, including Leeds City Council Highways, Leeds City Council Healthy Minds, Huddersfield University, BizSpace, John Lewis, 4N Networking, Selby Business Buddies, and York Business Ladies. I have spoken about a range of subjects including my personal journey through my own healing, mental health, techniques to help with feelings and beliefs, guided relaxation, body awareness, a safe space to be heard and to talk, emotional wellbeing, our energetic body and how energy affects our life.  The feedback has always been positive with many people eager to extend the sessions with their self-awareness becoming clearer.  I offer an insight into their wellbeing, bring confidence, listen and engage with them without them needing to be any different.  Their way of thinking is often transformed. Please follow and like us:


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