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Often when we are in pain, lost or blocked in our lives we try to ‘deal with it’ as best we can. We push and push until we can no longer cope with our circumstances and the chain has to break, this can take the form of an ending in career, relationship or a health scare. Our body has found a way to get our attention. What we are unaware of is that through our childhood we have ‘adopted’ patterns from our parents, carers and teachers.  Patterns which don’t resonate with what we believe now but which served to help us to fit in as a child so as we would not be abandoned, whether it be physically but most often emotionally.  We learnt to shut down our feelings to fit in.  To do this we had to shut down parts of ourselves that weren’t ‘accepted’ by our loved ones…

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Focused Mindfulness I didn’t really know what to expect when I started my Focussed Mindfulness session. I was highly anxious and stressed, especially in social situations as well as impacting upon being able to sleep at night.  I was also experiencing extreme emotions, I either felt extremely happy or extremely sad and the constant up and down rollercoaster was making me feel ‘not safe’.  I had been living like this for at least 2 years!  My Dad booked me into a course to help me because he wanted me to feel happier. The sessions have helped me to be clearer, more positive and I’m finding that decision making is easier.  I have more acceptance about how I am feeling too.  I specifically enjoyed the Campfire Process, where I got the opportunity to visualise and speak to my Mum, who died when I was 9 years old.  I have come away…

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