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Our Approach

My love is seeing others shift their ‘Paradigms’, shifting their beliefs, embracing new experiences, acceptance of current feelings or transforming their ideas of their true identity.  I help people to find their own solutions through guiding them through.  Using energy, my senses, my training and my personal experiences, I guide people through their emotional, spiritual or mental blocks. By focussing on their own body they become aware of past experiences, I guide them through the energetic blocks that are keeping them stuck. I help them to understand themselves more through becoming aware of where they are, which creates greater empowerment to see themselves fully and recognise their perceived weaknesses as core strengths.  Like Gandhi, working through love and energy I truly wish to,

“Be the change (I) wish to see in the World”.


Our Story

Meet Elena


Who am I? That is a question I have often asked myself throughout my life.  As I am writing this I had to look at my about page to remind myself of who I was. I realised that I am not that person today. I am a different person, to the one that I used to be. That person was bullied, cheated on, abused physically and emotionally in her relationships, suffered two miscarriages, held in her feelings for fear of being seen as ‘weak’, lived through the sudden death of my partner, didn’t know how to handle uncomfortable feelings, felt rejected and abandoned in her relationships and found it difficult to understand why she was often sad or lonely in her life. Yet I always wore a smile…my make up to hide what I truly felt inside.


My own journey began 25 years ago, beginning a gradual process of transformation…


My life experiences have led me down different paths, where I found myself undergoing deep healing from my beliefs, my thoughts and learning to live with the way that I felt. As a natural introvert, I had always suffered with shyness, worried about not fitting in, and feared getting things wrong or failing if I wasn’t good enough.  Initially I thought I was going crazy with repeating feelings of sadness, anger, fear, anxiety and worry.  I didn’t know how to handle them so I distracted myself with food, shopping, watching TV and romantic relationships. Little did I know that I was only hurting myself more, I punished myself, whilst also judging and blaming others so as I didn’t have to feel my pain. I didn’t realise that my belief system, my paradigm, was running the show. This was affected by my identity, who I truly believed I was. My identity and paradigms played a game of Hide and Seek with me, I felt powerless as I didn’t know that this was where my power lay.


From living with addicts of alcohol, drugs and gambling my life finally hit rock bottom with the death of my fiancé.  Little did I know about the double life he was leading with his addiction to alcohol, what followed wasn’t an improvement. From being cheated on to being emotionally and physically abused I finally decided that I had had enough. I awakened to my pain.  I went from being a victim to stepping into who I had denied all of these years. I found my power. I found myself.


After years trying all kinds of therapies, I finally found one that suited me. By focussing on my body and becoming aware of what feelings and sensations were living inside of me I came to the realisation that it wasn’t about getting control of my anger, sadness, fear and helplessness, it was about feeling and allowing sensations to move through the body.  I got in touch with me, I stopped bullying myself and allowed myself to feel.


I began to understand how we repeat experiences until, we can recognise what our body wants us to feel. I began by ending my relationship, where I was being cheated on, controlled and trapped. That was the beginning of my journey of healing myself.


I learnt to stop ‘getting on with it’, knowing that it only served to intensify how I felt.  I learnt to accept my anger and resentment. I embraced the sadness I felt from years of not being seen by people that I loved. I began to express what I needed to others without expectations. I became authentic, lying and being lied to no longer felt good to me. I was open about my experiences, hiding who I was didn’t work for me anymore.  I learnt what to do, or not to, when I was triggered. I learnt that I didn’t need to be fixed, just to be listened to and from there I became aware of what I needed. I understood that my health was paramount to me and that my body was talking to me through my feelings, it was helping me to be who I truly was.  I was feeling my ‘energies’, I learnt that I was an empath, who was very sensitive to the people and the situations around her.  I qualified as a Focussed Mindfulness Practioner, together with my Reiki Master and Angelic Healer training, my years of teaching and my spiritual learning in churches, I developed my business to become the Paradigm Solution Architect that I am today.

Next Steps...

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