I can empower you to step into your true self, radiating confidence, creating safety, embodying calmness and clarity of mind, body and spirit

Often when we are in pain, lost or blocked in our lives we try to 'deal with it' as best we can. We push and push until we can no longer cope with our circumstances and the chain has to break, this can take the form of an ending in career, relationship or a health scare. Our body has found a way to get our attention.

What we are unaware of is that through our childhood we have 'adopted' patterns from our parents, carers and teachers.  Patterns which don't resonate with what we believe now but which served to help us to fit in as a child so as we would not be abandoned, whether it be physically but most often emotionally.  We learnt to shut down our feelings to fit in.  To do this we had to shut down parts of ourselves that weren't 'accepted' by our loved ones or society.  These parts became invisible to our conscious mind yet were held in the body as 'blocks'.  Yet blocks in the body are unhealthy as they prevent a free-flowing energy through the body.  As a natural healing process, the body then starts to attract experiences to enable the blockages to be released, this can be manifested as anything that triggers an emotional reaction in you.

An example was when I had clients who would come to me for a Colour Therapy session, they would say, "oh do I have to look at myself in the mirror for an hour?" what they were telling me is that they felt uncomfortable, it created an awareness of how they saw themselves from their inner judgments. Why is it that we judge ourselves by the way that we look?  But when we allow ourselves the space to explore and feel into which colours feel 'right' for us, by trying colours we might never have chosen ourselves it gives us an insight into how colour can affect us.  Using the psychology of colour and a style personality enables us to further understand ourselves and how we can boost our confidence to get out into the world.

But the mirror allows us to catch a glimpse of the patterns that can cause us pain.  These patterns can be explored with a process called FOCUSING.

By FOCUSING on our body, we can create self-awareness to enable healing to take place and speak directly to our inner knowing and connect us to our intuition to guide us forward. The key concept of Focusing is the felt sense: a body sensation that is meaningful.

But when that physical pain is so overwhelming it can be so hard to face life. It's as if we want to run away from the pain and make it stop. Actually the opposite is true, in allowing the pain subsides more quickly.  If we continue to ignore or distract from our pain, we are sending a message to our body that we need to be fixed when often it is an energetic blockage that can be dissolved through an energetic healing process, such as Reiki. This enables the body to heal naturally over time.

When you see no way forward in your life, it is a tough place to be. We are told to think positive, it will get better or get over it and move on.  All of which sends a message to our body, and our inner self (our inner child), that we are not good enough exactly as we are.  There is a discord in our body, we are out of balance.  Our head and our inner self, our heart are out of synch.  By focusing on the sensations that we feel in our body, however, they are, it allows us to reach parts of ourselves that have been influenced by trauma in our childhood.  Once these blocks have been released it starts the emotional healing process and allows our inner power to guide us forward in our lives, from a space within.

In summary, I help you to:

  • Dissolve physical pain in your body
  • De-stress and relax your mind and body
  • Release the ‘baggage’ that’s holding you back from living the life that you want
  • Feel empowered
  • Access your true feelings through connecting with your body
  • Feel safe by actively listening to you
  • Feel better in what you wear
  • Receive more compliments when wearing ‘your colours’
  • Be freer
  • Heal physical, mental and emotional blockages releasing ‘pain’
  • Facilitate clear communication in relationships
  • Be inspired
  • Help them feel lighter, calmer, happier and more effective
  • Enable the cleanup, decluttering and healing from the inside out, to enable you to look and feel better than your best



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